World Regional Representatives

A cross-modal route plannerPEACOX: A cross-modal route planner that shows the CO2 emissions of every route option; Fluidtime Data Services, Austria

IIID World Regional Representatives

IIID world regions may be a single country or a collection of geographically adjacent or related states. World Regional Representatives (WRRs) represent the IIID by providing a point of contact for the IIID within their regions. Through their local contacts they promote IIID activities and gather intelligence on matters within their regions relevant to the interests of the global IIID community.
Their updates on information design developments within their locale will be made availalbe for inclusion in IIID News and other IIID media.

Australia David Sless
Austria Florian Halm
Canada Alberta
Canada BC
Gillian Harvey
Katherine Gillieson
Colombia Mario Fernando Uribe Orozco
Denmark Annegrete Mølhave
Finland Stefania Passera
France Giuseppe Attoma
Germany Diana Frank
Hong Kong Ben Mau
India Rupesh Vyas
Italy Gabriele Musella
Daniela Piscitelli
Japan Andreas Schneider
Jordan Essam Abu Awad
Mexico María González de Cossio
Netherlands Karel van der Waarde
New Zealand Eden Potter
Norway Ole Lund
Philippines Mikhaila Aldaba
Poland Piotr Michura
Taiwan Tingyi Lin
UK Will Stahl-Timmins
USA California
USA Florida
USA Michigan
USA New York
USA Washington
Claudine Jaenichen
Wes Ervin
Judith Moldenhauer
Gordon Akwera
Karen Cheng