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IIID Vision Plus conference 2024
IIID Vision Plus conference 2024
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Book: A New Semiotics 2024-07-19A new semiotics, cover. Cartoon illustration of an elephant surrounded by little people cleaning and investigating the large animal. Illustration by Alex Tyers. An introductory guide to the field of semiotics. Assuming no prior knowledge of semiotics, this accessible text takes a fresh look at semiotics and suggests that many of the forebears and many contemporary contributors to semiotics have misconstrued the nature…
IIID VisionPlus conference, 20-21 June 2024, Vienna, Austria 2024-06-11 The VisionPlus conference celebrates its 20th edition this year – a great opportunity to showcase the huge variety of what information design can be. Speakers from 14 countries on 4 continents will be joining us in Vienna this year.
Icons for Society: Past, Present and Future 2024-05-21The Symbol Group 2024, black type on yellow background 2024 sees the 40th anniversary of Susan Kare’s designs for Apple Macintosh’s groundbreaking screen icons and 42 years since Scott Fahlman introduced his joke markers made from punctuation (Emoticons). Few could have predicted how much a part of our everyday…
IIID Conversation with Wolfe Erikson: The Future of Care, 23 May 2024, 17:00 UTC 2024-05-04 Wolfe Erikson will talk about the complexities of what it means to navigate the US medical system as a person with chronic and / or disabling health concerns.
Japan Sign Design Award 2024 2024-05-02 The Japan Sign Design Award, sponsored by the Japan Sign Design Association is now accepting applications. This year marks the 58th year of this award, and it is the only award system for sign design in Japan.
Workshop: Hospital Design and Care Delivery 2024-04-30 Unfortunately this event overlaps with the VisionPlus conference! The 2-day workshop at SCDH will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to design the hospitals of the future by integrating patient safety theory, operational efficiency, simulation techniques, end-user engagement strategies,…
Workshop: Visualizing Complexity Science, Vienna, 26-30 August 2024 2024-04-25 Liuhuaying Yang and Paul Kahn host a five-day data visualization workshop in Vienna. Participants engage in modelling complexity science problems.
IIID Conversation: Design for Digital Empowerment, 28 March 2024, 17:00 UTC 2024-03-09IIID conversation: Katherine Gillieson and Shradda Khumbar The Community Network Roadmap (CNR) is a guide for people with no prior background in network technologies to build and maintain their own broadband networks. In this presentation, Katherine and Shradda will share an overview of the CNR project, including…
London, 18 April 2024: Inclusive design for wayfinding information 2024-03-07Sign Design Society and SEGD, sponsored by modulex and Rivermeade The Sign Design Society and Society of Experiential Graphic Design (London Chapter) invite to an exciting, in-person symosium with seven expert speakers.
Sign design guide 2nd edition now available! 2024-03-06Cover of the Sign design guide +: a guide to designing inclusive wayfinding information After 20 years as an excellent reference book for inclusive wayfinding information the Sign Design Society decided it was time to update this classic.
IIID Conversation with Robert Linsky: The Way Communications Should Be, 8 February 2024, 18:00 CET 2024-01-30Photo of Robert Linsky with speech bubble "IIID conversation" Robert Linsky will talk about the way communications should be – clear, accessible, simple, effective. Organizing, rewriting, and redesigning letters, invoices, statements and other mundane but necessary correspondence.
Visualizing chronic pain 2024-01-08Infographic "Visualizing Chronic Pain" Rita Giordano wrote about the process of developing visualisations about pain. She describes how infographics could be transformed to better reflect patients’ needs.