The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) is a global network for people who work to make information clearer – for everyday life, business, education and science. While rooted in graphic design, information design has much in common with user experience, plain language, and design research. Since 1986 IIID has staged over 30 conferences around the world, and the international IIID Award has become a recognised award for outstanding information design.

IIID Conversations

Last year we consulted our members on what they would like to see. Their answer was ‘community’ – most wanted to feel more connected to others in their profession, to gain insight about practice, and to gain new knowledge about the various different types of work information designers do.

Logo with "IIID conversations" in a speech bubble

IIID Conversations is a new series of informal events. As the name suggests, they are conversations as much as talks. The speakers will make short presentations of their work or ideas, then we’ll interview them and the conversation will open out to include everyone.

IIID Conversations is free for IIID members, and €5 for non-members.

Please check perspectives.iiid.net for the current schedule.