The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) is a global network for people who work to make information clearer – for everyday life, business, education and science.

New book: ‘Woodcuts as Reading Guides.’ 2023-12-04 This book applies information design to the understanding of woodcuts. Free download.
Asia convergence logo, a dark gray circle with intersecting coloured lines. AI Unleashed: 27 to 29 November 2023 (hybrid) 2023-11-17 Exploring the Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence: An excellent opportunity for creative professionals to acquire the most up-to-date AI knowledge.
Photo of Sheila Pontis with "IIID conversations" speech bubble. IIID Conversation with Sheila Pontis, 7 December 2023, 16:00 UTC 2023-11-16 Sheila Pontis will introduce and talk about her new book.
New book: ‘Design for Emergency Management’ 2023-10-18 A new book about the critical role and relationship between design and emergencies.
Burkey Belser – designer of US- nutrition label – dies at 76 2023-09-27 The label was introduced in 1994 in the USA and revised in 2016.
Article in ‘Nightingale’ 2023-09-22 A case study about the visualisation of a large data set.
Photo of Gillian Harvey with "IIID conversations" speech bubble. IIID Conversation with Gillian Harvey, 5 October 2023, 15:00 UTC 2023-09-21 Gillian Harvey will discuss two projects designed to increase empathy and reduce stigma toward people who experience addiction.
Natural History Museum launches £150,000 wayfinding tender 2023-08-16 The museum in London is looking to update its signage and wayfinding.
Conference: Creating Effective Warnings for All 2023-07-30 A conference about warnings. 11-13 September 2023, London, UK.
Book: ‘Information Design unbound’ 2023-07-09 A new book by Sheila Pontis and Michael Babwahsingh can be pre-ordered.
Photo of Sigitas Guzauskas with "IIID conversations" speech bubble. IIID Conversation with Sigitas Gužauskas, 6 July 2023, 15:00 UTC 2023-07-03 To enhance clarity, information design often simplifies complex real-world phenomena into basic visual representations. By adding an experiential layer to the dry data, designers can aim to captivate a wider audience and offer a broader range of interpretations.
Live lectures: Swiss Center for Design and Health 2023-07-03 The Swiss Center for Design and Health AG (SCDH) offers the opportunity to link digitally to five lectures on July 10 and 11. Three keynote in-person lectures and two online interviews will be focused on opening discussions, pose questions, and…
ISO Plain Language standard 2023-06-22 A new ISO standard about Plain Language …
Webinar June 21: DataViz in Healthcare 2023-06-18 A 45-minute webinar about data visualisation in the healthcare industry.
Visualizing Uncertainty. A colourful panel of various shapes set out in squares. Visualizing Knowledge conference 2023 – Visualizing Uncertainty 2023-06-12 16 June 2023, Aalto University, Finland – livestream available! We’re going through uncertain times. In a complicated world where it seems that everything we encounter brings doubt and unpredictability, it is easy to forget that this can be a positive…
Data and Maps, On Data and Design #24 On Data and Design #24 – Data and Design 2023-06-01 On Data And Design is an evening lecture series initiated by Darjan Hil in 2018. The goal is to connect design, data science, coding, and many other disciplines at the intersection of data visualization.
IIID Conversation with Rui Caminha, 1 June 2023, 15:00 UTC 2023-05-20 Rui Camilha introduces award-winning legal information design from Villa – Visual Law Studio, in Brazil.
Call for presentations: Information+ conference 2023 2023-05-20 After a virtual Information+ in 2021, this is again an in-person event, with special emphasis on exchange and community building.
IIID Conversation with Sheila Pontis, 4 May 2023, 15:00 UTC 2023-04-15 Information designers know that they should create solutions that address users’ needs. But while some of us claim to do it all the time, in reality many find it hard to integrate this way of working into our daily practice.
IIID Visionplus conference 2023-04-11 Information Design for Healthcare – draft programme now online!
Summer School preview, 14 March 14:00 UTC 2023-03-12 Thinking of coming to the Information Design Summer School this May? To help you decide, join our free taster session on 14 March.
Karel van der Waarde IIID Conversation with Karel van der Waarde, 6 April 2023, 15:00 UTC 2023-03-12 Taking medicines is a stressful activity. Opening a cardboard box, reading a leaflet, handling tiny pills, checking the dosage and the time, and considering potential side-effects require the capacities of a strong, astute, and healthy adult.
IIID Visionplus conference Vienna, 25-26 May 2023 2023-02-17 Information Design for Healthcare – call for papers open until 28 February.
IIID Conversation with Stefania Passera, 2 March 2023, 15:00 UTC 2023-02-17 “I have read and understood the terms and conditions” is the biggest lie on the internet – no one reads, and definitely no one understands (except the lawyers).
IIIDaward 2023 2023-02-17 Open for submissions until 25 March 2023. The IIIDawards are a showroom for professional information design with international exposure in many different categories of information design applications.
Data And Design #23 • Visualizing Knowledge 2023-02-16 What do we know about an issue? What really is knowledge compared to the actual practice? Shedroff’s theory states that data leads to information, information leads to knowledge, and knowledge leads to wisdom of an individual.
VK23 – Visualizing Knowledge conference, 16 June 2023 in Aalto, Finland 2023-02-15 Drawing from the best minds and voices in the information design field from across the globe, Visualizing Knowledge is a one day data visualization conference held at Aalto University, Finland.
Information Design Summer School: 3 days in Vienna, 22-24 May 2023-02-07 After two years online, the Information Design Summer School is face-to-face again – for three intensive days of expert talks, discussion and practical work.
white line drawing of a bird on blue background Catch the early bird for IIIDaward entries 2023 2023-01-25 The IIIDawards are a showroom for professional information design with international exposure in many different categories of information design applications.
IIID Conversation with Maxwell Roberts, 2 February 2023, 15:00 UTC 2023-01-25 We’re marking the 90 year anniversary of the London Underground network diagram with a talk by Maxwell Roberts, who is the pre-eminent expert on the diagram and author of several books on it.
Book: ‘Information Visualisation’ 2023-01-01 New book by Maria dos Santos Lonsdale about ‘Information Visualisation’.
Rodrigo Ramirez IIID Conversation with Rodrigo Ramírez (Chile), 12 January 2023, 14:00 UTC 2022-12-30 Rodrigo Ramírez will talk about “Visual Tools: Information design as a way to manage crises and emergencies.”
InfoDesign special issue on Health and Wellbeing 2022-12-12 Issue 19.3 of the Revista Brasileira de Design da Informação contains 4 English articles about health and wellbeing.
Job: Principal Teaching Fellow 2022-11-23 Hong Kong Polytechnic University is looking for a Principal Teaching Fellow.
Conversation with Rupesh Vyas, 1 December 2022 at 1500 UTC 2022-11-17 Public participation is crucial in the present-day context of increasing complex scenario of data-driven approaches in various domains. I will discuss the challenges and exploration of information design approaches …
New Zealand: Plain Language Bill 2022-10-23 The New Zealand Parliament approved a ‘Plain Language Bill’.
Logo: speech bubble with the text "IIID conversations" IIID Conversations 2022-10-20 As the name suggests, they are conversations as much as talks. The speakers make short presentations of their work or ideas, then the conversation will open out to include everyone.
Conversation with Carlos Rosa, 3 November 2022 at 1500 UTC 2022-10-19 The introduction of motion is an important contribution to facilitate the interpretation of pictograms and to enable them to develop in other ways,
Job: Assistant Professor of Design 2022-10-12 Chapman University is looking for an Assistant Professor
Conversation with Will Stahl-Timmins, 6 October 2022 at 1500 UTC 2022-09-02 At the BMJ we use infographics and data visualisations to convey the information we publish to busy health professionals in an efficient and engaging way.
Updated book series by Rune Pettersson 2022-08-26 Prof. Dr. Rune Pettersson updates his series of 12 books on Information Design. Download these for free.
Infographics Conference 2022-08-26 A one-day conference on Infographics on Friday September 2 in Hilversum, The Netherlands.
Call for papers: SYMBOL’22: SYMBOL SOURCEBOOK@50 2022-07-02 Call for papers for a symposium to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Henri Dreyfuss’ Symbol Sourcebook.
Book: Human Interface and the Management of Information: Visual and Information Design 2022-06-27 Conference proceedings of the 2022 HCI virtual conference (June 16-July 1, 2022).
Job: Assistant Professor, Design and Social Justice 2022-06-06 Mount Royal University in Calgary (Canada) is looking for an Assistant Professor.
Job: Information designer, Montreal. 2022-05-29 Voilà, a Montreal based information design agency, is looking for an information designer.
New book: Visualizing Complexity 2022-05-29 A guide to transform complex or unstructured numbers and texts into creative and playful designs.
Conversation with Alex Tyers, 3 May 2022 at 1300 UTC 2022-04-29 Information design for financial communications The next in our series of IIID Conversations is with Alex Tyers of Transmission Design, one of Australia’s leading information designers. With over 20 years experience of every variety of information design, he is an expert in…