The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) is a global network for people who work to make information clearer – for everyday life, business, education and science. While rooted in graphic design, information design has much in common with user experience, plain language, and design research. Since 1986 IIID has staged over 30 conferences around the world, and the international IIID Award has become a recognised award for outstanding information design.

Former IIID President Bob Swinehart passed away

Bob was a dedicated teacher of communication and information design. He used to say that his greatest joy was to see his students "catch the Information Design Bug”.

He was speaker at IIID Vision Plus 1, 2, 5 and 12, organized IIID Vision Plus 4 "The Republic of Information / Design for Global Communication" at Carnegie Mellon University, 1998 and served as IIID President 2003 - 2009. In 2009 he was awarded the IIID Award for Leadership and Distinctive Achievement in Information Design by the IIID General Assembly.

It was a great privilege to have known him. Thank you, Bob.

Bob Swinehart with students at the IIID Summer Academy 2002 in Vienna

Bob Swinehart at the IIID Summer Academy 2002 in Vienna

IIIDaward Talks

Starting November 2020, we have introduced a series of online monthly talks with one of the IIID award winners.
For information and registration please visit the IIIDaward website
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IIID Mobility Days 2020

Thanks to all the speakers and attendees who helped make this event a success, and a special "Thank you" to our partners at the IDC School of Design, IITB.
More on the conference website: IIID Mobility Days 2020

screen shot of conference in progress

IIID Award 2020

Logo for the 2020 IIID Award

Out now: the IIIDaward book 2020

In 2011, the International Institute for Information Design celebrated its 25th anniversary. It was time for us to acknowledge the best in what information design has to offer by introducing the IIIDaward. Held most recently in 2020, we invite you to browse the winning entries in the IIIDaward book 2020

IIID Award exhibitionIIID Award exhibition at the VisionPlus conference in Birmingham, UK, 2015