Katrin Beste

Katrin Beste

Mag.a Katrin Beste, BA
Information Design & Signage, Vienna, Austria

What is your motivation to work in information design?

I enjoy that with every project I learn something new. The world is full of information – presenting it in a way which is more comprehensive and easier to take in, gives my work purpose. In my work life as a nutritionist (until 2013) I was good at finding the central thread, reducing complexity and transforming it to »easier« bits. I enjoy this, I am good at it and it helps people to navigate through life.

What are you working on at the moment?

Wayfinding systems in the universitary context, with new pictograms, indoor and outdoor maps and lots of signs …

What is a project you consider a great example of information design?

Unfortunately – for us creators – any project that the users don’t actively remember. Like a good public transport orientation system. Sometimes when I talk about my work with new people I ask them about their experience at the main train station in Vienna. Funnily only people from countries with bad signage understand the point of my question right away.

What is your dream project?

Research on gender and sex influence on orientation and navigation. I wonder if a Google Maps version specifically for people who are oriented towards land­marks instead of cardinal directions and distances would improve their overall ability to navigate. Maybe a book on this Topic? Or »just« a practical project within my office work? Who knows.