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There are some advantages to becoming a IIID member:

  • Community: You connect with a global information design network.
  • Events: You receive a discount on participation fees for some IIID events.
  • Resources: Unlimited online access to IIID publications and resources.
  • Information Design Journal (IDJ): Individual members get 20 EUR discount on annual subscription: IDJ order form
  • Research Projects: Academic, Corporate and Small Business members are invited to participate in research projects.
  • Updates: You receive regular email newsletters about the Institute's events and activities, information from the worldwide network as well as posting your own news that may be of interest to the IIID community.
  • Participation: You have the right to vote at the General Assembly and are eligible for office as a Board Member of IIID.
  • Organisational members: Employees, faculty or students of organisational members can attend IIID events at a members’ discount, have access to the IIID knowledge base on our website and receive IIID news on a regular basis.

Types of membership:

IIID has structured its membership fees in world zones A, B and C based on per capita Gross National Income (GNI).
Find out which world zone you are in.

  • Corporate Membership (more than 10 employees), Zone A: 500 EUR/year, Zone B: 300 EUR/year, Zone C: 200 EUR/year
  • Small Business Membership (up to 10 employees), Zone A: 300 EUR/year, Zone B: 180 EUR/year, Zone C: 120 EUR/year
  • Academic/non-profit organization Membership, Zone A: 200 EUR/year, Zone B: 120 EUR/year, Zone C: 80 EUR/year
  • Individual Membership, Zone A: 100 EUR/year, Zone B: 60 EUR/year, Zone C: 40 EUR/year
  • Student Membership, Zone A: 20 EUR/year, Zone B: 12 EUR/year, Zone C: 8 EUR/year

Interested in becoming a member? Find details and registration on the membership registration page.

The IIID Statutes (German version: IIID Statuten) explain how the Institute works as well as the rights and responsibilities of membership.