Vision Plus Conference

The “Vision Plus” conference series always provides an inspiring forum for discussion and the exchange of experience and ideas on relevant and topical information design issues. It is an international and interdisciplinary symposium under the patronage of UNESCO.

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Vienna (Austria), 20-21 June 2024

The 20th edition of the “Vision Plus” conference series always provides an inspiring forum for discussion and the exchange of experience and ideas on relevant and topical information design issues. It is an international and interdisciplinary symposium under the patronage of UNESCO.

This year we will have speakers from 14 countries on 4 continents.

The programme will show the breadth and depth of information design projects in application areas such as:

  • Social information design
  • Legal information design
  • Medical information design
  • Information design education
  • Governmental information design
  • Communication of scientific information
  • Wayfinding

Presentations will cover all aspects of information design (including graphic design, plain language, visualization, usability, etc.) in any channel or format. Talks range from practical project work, and research, to teaching practice and models.

Expressions of interest: Information Design Research

Are you:

  • doing a doctorate in information design right now?
  • thinking about it?
  • supervising or examining doctoral students?

On Wednesday June 19th, (just before the Vision Plus conference) we’re holding a meet-up for you.

There will be informal dialogues to find direction, reflect on activities, and discuss suggestions. The conversations will continue during dinner and drinks afterwards. There will be some experienced supervisors and examiners to talk to, as well as fellow doctoral students.

If you are interested, please contact Karel van der Waarde

Previous Events

VisionPlus19, 2023, Vienna, Austria: Information design for healthcare

The 19th Visionplus conference focused on healthcare, prevention, and well-being:
Finding a way through healthcare systems, healthcare buildings, and healthcare finances is often a challenge, even when we’re healthy and wealthy.

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VisionPlus18, 2018, Mexico City, Mexico: Information Design as a tool for a better city

Mexico City was World Design Capital in 2018, the Vision Plus conference focused on how information design can contribute to improving city life.

VisionPlus17, 2017, Riga, Latvia: Core Competencies – Information Design in Education

Information design professionals, students and teachers from around the world joined us in Riga to take a closer look at the skills, competences and talents needed for implementing good information design.
The event took place at the Art Academy of Latvia. It also served as a platform to get familiar with the information design scene in Latvia, the Baltic and Eastern Europe as well we welcoming our international community from all over the world from Asia, Australia, Africa and America and, of course, Europe.

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Photos: Catharina Ballan and Gints Malderis

VisionPlus16, 2015, Birmingham, UK: information+design=performance

In September 2015, IIID partnered with Birmingham City University and the Information Design Association to organize the 16th international interdisciplinary symposium at the universities new Parkside Building in Birmingham, UK.
The Symposium explored a wide variety of relevant and topical issues ranging from information at the beginning of the digital age, healthcare, inclusion, big data visualization, to wayfinding and many other fascinating ideas relating to information, design and performance.
The event was a great success, with speakers and delegates from around the world sharing ideas across two days at the City Centre Campus, Birmingham City University.
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VisionPlus15, 2014, Vienna, Austria: Transforming Information
A conference to examine the role of the Isotype Transformer 90 years on…

The graphic language of Isotype with its simple repeated symbols has largely become just one element in the designer’s toolbox – as Otto Neurath predicted in International Picture Language in 1936 ‘dependent on their times like all the old sign languages’. This conference in the Vision Plus series investigated the role of the „transformer“ and its understanding among designers practicing today. The event was named in reference to Marie Neurath.

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Mobileplus, 2011, Chennai, India: Inclusive Growth through Mobile Applications
The Mobile Plus conference addressed technology and information design challenges for bringing relevant content via mobile phone to people who would otherwise have no access to such information.
It investigated what formats of communication are appropriate and understandable in order to empower people, facilitate exchange and promote inclusive growth.
Technology, design and development experts, content and infrastructure providers from around the world shared their best-practice examples, experiences and ideas for mobile phone applications that drive development and change in education, healthcare and rural prosperity.

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VisionPlus14, 2010, Ahmedabad, India: Communities, Healthcare, Mobility.

This conference was co-organized with the Indian National Institute of Design and addressed the information needs of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual society.

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VisionPlus13, 2009, Paris, France: Data Designged for Decisions
Enhancing social, economic and environmental progress

Jointly organised by IIID and the OECD Statistics Directorate.

Over 50 speakers from 20 countries investigated selection, visualisation, interpretation and communication of data.
DD4D programme

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VisionPlus12, 2007, Schwarzenberg, Austria: Information Design achieveing measurable results

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VisionPlus11, 2005, Vienna, Austria: Needs, Trends and Themes for Information Design

More information available soon

VisionPlus10, 2003, Lech, Austria: Tourist information de Luxe – for All

This conference focused on two aspects of tourism: Creating inclusive information environments and making visitors want to return to the destination.

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Early conferences

  • VisionPlus9, 2003, London, UK: Designs and Destinations
    Integrated Information for Urban Transport
  • VisionPlus8, 2000, Vienna, Austria: Turning Information into Corporate Knowledge
    Innovative Information Management: A Design Challenge
  • VisionPlus7, 1999, Tokyo, Japan: Diversification of Minds
    Conversation in Processes / Design for Communities
  • VisionPlus6, 1999, Vienna, Austria: Drawing the Process
    Visual Planning and Explaining
  • VisionPlus5, 1998, Schwarzenberg, Austria: Learning Meets Information Design
    Information Design Meets Learning
  • VisionPlus4, 1998, Pittsburgh, USA: The Republic of Information
    Design for Global Communication
  • VisionPlus3, 1997, Schwarzenberg, Austria: Design on the fly
    The Structuring of Information for Instant Use
  • VisionPlus2, 1996, Schwarzenberg, Austria: Seeing, Feeling, Understanding
    Controversial Views on Development in Communication
  • VisionPlus1, 1995, Götzis, Austria: Design for Electronic Communication