Azione – Summer School in Italy

17-20 September 2013

Students and professionals in the fields of architecture, industrial design, graphics, psychology and other disciplines work together on social issues relevant to the citizens of Palermo.

  • Five days of intensive work and interaction in Palermo, Sicily.
  • Developing a concept and its implementation in small, interdisciplinary working groups of 7-10 people.
  • Involving the people of Palermo in a participatory design process.
  • A chance to attain 2 ECTS credits from the course through additional reading and a final written report (app. 20 pages).

Following the spirit of addiopizzo - a movement of citizens against paying protection money – we will be looking for ideas and solutions that may be applied whenever moral courage is needed, anywhere in the world.

The course fee is Euro 450,- which includes 5 nights of accommodation, kindly provided by our friends in Palermo and lunch.

The summer school was created by the Italian Association for Visual Communication, AIAP, in close cooperation with educational institutions in Sicily (Academy of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Industrial Design in Palermo) and Austria (Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, SFU), and the International Institute for Information Design.

More information and application details on the Azione website.

5th international conference on typography and visual communication

6 to 8 June 2013 in Nicosia, Cyprus
The conference is an attempt to create awareness about typography (history, theory, practice & education) in the region and beyond.

Find out more about the event on Facebook.

Klimis Mastoridis
Professor of typography & graphic communication
Head, department of design & multimedia
University of Nicosia

IIID Traffic & Transport Forum

The Expert Forum 2012 focused on new challenges, new education and new jobs.
Keynote presentations discussed traveller needs, traffic and public transport information, traffic & transport ICT. Representatives of the traffic & transport industry joined in discussion of best practice and future challenges.