Live lectures: Swiss Center for Design and Health

The Swiss Center for Design and Health AG (SCDH) will hold a working symposium, and offers the opportunity to link digitally to five lectures on July 10 and 11.
If you are interested in having access to the lectures in real time, please notify Yvonne Uhlig

The 2023 Symposium aims at creating recommendations to the SCDH for their programs of action and research, and also to help health officials, managers, designers, and front-line healthcare personnel improve current practices in both health promotion and healthcare.

The lectures
Three keynote in-person lectures and two online interviews will be focused on opening discussions, pose questions, and use case studies to illustrate the integration of design and health, demonstrating the benefit that this integration had brought and can bring to both health and design. They will be followed by 20/30 minutes of Q&A and comments by the audience.

Monday, July 10

Daniel Wahl, PhD
Regenerative Design for Human and Planetary Health
11:00 to 12:15

Arch. Angela Mazzi
Improving Our Environment: Exploring the design/health axis

13:40 to 14:40

Guillermina Noël, PhD
Make you magic: Can designers foster caring between patients and healthcare providers?

14:40 to 15:40

Dr. Thomas Zeltner
Love is in the Center of Health Care

18:00 to 19:00

Tuesday, July 11

Dr. Juan P. Brito
Designers and health practitioners’ collaboration at the Mayo Clinic,
Rochester, USA.

16:00 to 16:40

The Swiss Center for Design and Health AG (SCDH) ( is the national center in Switzerland at the interface between design and health.
Funded in 2019 and operational in Nidau/Biel-Bienne since the beginning of 2022, the SCDH brings together healthcare practitioners and designers from several fields to foster collaboration and the improvement of health and healthcare. It carries out research to develop new knowledge and working methods.