IIID Conversation with Robert Linsky: The Way Communications Should Be, 8 February 2024, 18:00 CET

Photo of Robert Linsky with speech bubble "IIID conversation"

Robert Linsky will talk about the way communications should be – clear, accessible, simple, effective. Organizing, rewriting, and redesigning letters, invoices, statements and other mundane but necessary correspondence.

Some of the points Robert will talk about:

  • Making mundane, boring communications clear
  • The importance of clear communications for bills, statements, letters, and notices
  • Creating Clear, Accessible, Simple and Effective communications
  • Creating a better CX through variable data communications

Each one of those mundane documents presents its own unique challenges to which Robert applies his CASE (Clear, Accessible, Simple and Effective) Method to create a solution. This talk will present a few examples of both static and variable data communications.

“Who gets excited about mundane, boring bills, invoices, statements, letters and notices? I do! They may not be pretty, but if they are effective, then they help run companies and organizations and create a better customer experience.”

Robert Linsky

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Robert Linsky is a long term member of IIID and currently also standing IIID Board member. He is also on the editorial board of the IDJ (Information Design Journal).​ Robert is an information designer with more than 30 years experience, specializing in creating statements, invoices, letters, and other forms of correspondence for various industries such as financial services, insurance, and utilities. Throughout his career, he has developed two innovative information design processes: the LUNA (Locate, Understand, Act) Philosophy and the CASE (Clear, Accessible, Simple, Effective) Method of communications. Recently, he completed two terms as a board member of PLAIN, the Plain Language Association International organization..



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