Enhancing interconnectivity
through infoconnectivity

7th EU Framework Programme - Sustainable Surface Transport

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MSc Course
A five semester course based on distance teaching with blocked modules. After IIID's cooperation with University of Applied Sciences FH St.Poelten failed to attract the required number of applications IIID is engaged in discussions with a potential new partner: the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Cali, Colombia, to better and more successfully address the issue.
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Tern typeface
Since Oct 3rd 2013, Tern is, by law, the Austrian road traffic typeface
posted 2013-10-07

IDJ Information Design Journal
Volume 19.3 now available
posted 2012-07-22

Information Design Series

by Rune Pettersson, Ph.D.
5 books focusing on: Message Design / Text Design / Image Design / Graphic Design / Cognition
available for FREE DOWNLOAD

posted 2012-01-11

PowerNotes: slide presentations reconsidered
Author: IIID member Professor Dr. Tech. Per Mollerup
FREE DOWNLOAD of the book available

posted 2011-12-16

IC-IC - Enhancing interconnectivity
through infoconnectivity
EU 7th Framework Program project
Definition of the InfoConnectivity System (ICS)

posted 2011-12-12


IIID Vision Plus 15
Working title: “transforming information
4-5 September 2014, Wien/Vienna, Austria

IIID Vision Plus 16
IMPACT / Information Mobilizing People to Accomplish Critical Tasks
2015, HKDI / Hong Kong Design Institute

New addition to the Library:
The Looks of Understanding - Visual Appeal of Information Graphics (PDF 8,2MB)
Author: Ksenia Pogorelova
About the author

  Current projects:
Enhancing interconnectivity through infoconnectivity
7th EU Framework Programme - Sustainable Surface Transport
  Concluded projects:
Integrated system for safe transportation of children to school
A 7th EC Framework programme
collaborative project
SOMS "Substituting/Optimizing
(variable) Message Signs for the
Trans European Road Network"

Proposal on unified pictograms,keywords, bilingual verbal messages and typefaces for VMS in the TERN

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