The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) is a global network for people who work to make information clearer – for everyday life, business, education and science.

International focus for the information design profession

  • We are recommended by UNESCO as a partner organization.
  • We run the IIID Award, the prestigious international award scheme that attracts hundreds of entries from across the world.
  • We have World Regional Representatives in over 20 countries.
  • We sit on relevant committees of the International Standards Organisation.
  • We publish the Information Design Education Directory – constantly under development.

Community for information designers, students, researchers and teachers around the world

  • Our series of IIID Conversations is an online forum for designers to meet and exchange experiences.
  • Our website and social media keep information designers in touch.
  • Vision Plus conferences, sometimes run together with partner organisations, allow members to meet and hear about new developments in practice and research.

The Team

Veronika Egger

Veronika Egger

Rob Waller
Immediate Past President

Karel van der Waarde

Karel van der Waarde

Martin Foessleitner
Vice President

Gillian Harvey

Gillian Harvey
Vice President

Claudine Jaenichen

Claudine Jaenichen
Vice President

Robert Linsky
Vice President

Alex Tyers

Alex Tyers
Vice President

Clive Richards
Advisor to the Board

Evija Kraukle
Admin Support

Governing Bodies

IIID is an international membership organization registered in Austria.
ZVR Zahl/No. 268305057

Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by the General Assembly.

Executive Board members:

Veronika Egger, Austria (President)
Karel van der Waarde, Belgium (Treasurer and Vice President)

Martin Fößleitner, Austria (Vice President)
Gillian Harvey, Canada (Vice President)
Claudine Jaenichen, USA (Vice President)
Robert Linsky, USA (Vice President)
Alex Tyers, Australia (Vice President)
Rob Waller (Immediate Past President)

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) convenes once every two years. It consists of all IIID members or representatives of member organisations. Members have the right to vote at the General Assembly and all members are eligible for office as Board members of IIID.


The statutes of the organisation are agreed on by the General Assemby, their legal status is approved by the Austrian Authorities.

Statutes 2023 (English)
Statuten 2023 (German)