Types of membership

Choosing you type of membership

IIID has structured its membership fees in world zones A, B and C based on per capita Gross National Income (GNI).
Find out which world zone you are in.

  • Corporate Membership (more than 10 employees)
    Zone A: 500 EUR/year
    Zone B: 300 EUR/year
    Zone C: 200 EUR/year
  • Small Business Membership (up to 10 employees)
    Zone A: 300 EUR/year
    Zone B: 180 EUR/year
    Zone C: 120 EUR/year
  • Academic/non-profit organization Membership
    Zone A: 200 EUR/year
    Zone B: 120 EUR/year
    Zone C: 80 EUR/year
  • Individual Membership
    Zone A: 100 EUR/year
    Zone B: 60 EUR/year
    Zone C: 40 EUR/year
  • Student Membership
    Zone A: 20 EUR/year
    Zone B: 12 EUR/year
    Zone C: 8 EUR/year

Interested in becoming a member? Find details and registration on the membership registration page.

The IIID Statutes (German version: IIID Statuten) explain how the Institute works as well as the rights and responsibilities of membership.