Payment FAQs

IIID is using PayPal to handle payments

In the past, manual handling of membership registration, administration and renewal has always meant a lot of administrative effort. As a non-profit organization we need to dedicate as much as possible of our limited budget to strengthening IIID activities and improving services for members.
Payment via your PayPal account or Credit Card payment via PayPal has advantages for us as an organization, but also for you as a member:

  • The pre-configured modules we are using are well tried and tested and offer state of the art payment security.
  • You can pay by credit card without the need to register with PayPal.
  • This system gives you maximum control over your payments, including cancellation of membership.

Other forms of payment

Of course you can also pay via bank transfer:

  • Tell us what type of membership you require.
  • We will send you a bill and you transfer the membership fee to our bank account.
  • Once we have received your payment we will send you a temporary password for the IIID members website. Just login and complete your details.

For the transition period (until 2014) manual handling of payment will remain free of charge.
In the future (2014 onwards) we will have to add a handling charge to your membership fee to cover our administrative costs for manual payment.

Please contact for details.

Membership period

Your annual membership is valid from the date of payment. If you cancel your membership during the year your membership status will remain active until the year has expired.