Mobility: Traffic & Transport Forum

The IIID Traffic & Transport Forum serves the shared interests of planners, designers, researchers, suppliers, users, transport authorities and educators. It provides a forum for face-to-face discussions on the latest developments and trends and their expected impact.

Over the years the Forum has successfully created a network of individuals and teams who share a common interest in traffic/transport related design, research and technology.

For the first time in 2019: Mobility Talk

This format of "Mobility Talks" is intended as a smaller scale, more local/regional activity around the topic of mobility. Therefore the Mobility Talks will not necessarily be in English. We are starting with Munich, Germany, in March 2019.

Universal Mobility – barrierefrei war gestern
München, 11.3.2019
Wie gehen wir mit den vielfältigen Anforderungen an Mobilität um, welche Rolle spielen aktuelle Normen für Barrierefreiheit in ganzheitlichen Gestaltungslösungen?
Inmitten der Ausstellung der diesjährigen Universal Design Competition diskutieren wir, ob und wie Universal Design in der Mobilität angekommen ist.
Diversity of people: tall, small, wheelchair basketball player, blind man, cultural differences

TTF 2017: Information as a (Public) Service

Collage of images of people at the conference. In the ausdience, discussing during break-time, looking at the exhibition panels of the IIID Award.
Download programme review of TTF17.
Picture gallery TTF17.
Photos: Ophelia Reuter

Previous events

Between 2006 and 2012 the IIID Expert Forum Traffic & Transport took place annually in Vienna.

2012: New challenges, new education, new jobs
2011: Traffic, Transport and Social Media
2010: Real time information in multimodal transport networks
2009: Scheduled & on-demand transport:
2008: Infoconnectivity
2007: Barrier-free (inclusive) Information for Public Transport
2006: Professional wayshowing for individual wayfinding through intelligent signage and beyond

IIID members have access to all presentations from these events as well as related source material in the IIID Knowledge Base.


The Information Design Journal has published two special issues on Traffic & Transport design, edited by IIID founder Peter Simlinger:
Part I, idj 17.2
Part II, idj 22.2