Icons for Society: Past, Present and Future

The Symbol Group 2024, black type on yellow background

Symbol ’24: The Symbol Group Smposium, 19/20 September 2024

An Exploration of 40 years of Symbol Culture.

2024 sees the 40th anniversary of Susan Kare’s designs for Apple Macintosh’s groundbreaking screen icons and 42 years since Scott Fahlman introduced his joke markers made from punctuation (Emoticons). Few could have predicted how much a part of our everyday life that emojis, emoticons, and icons would become.

This two-day online conference will bring together academics, researchers, historians and design practitioners working across a wide range of industries to present research and applications showing how icons are used to communicate within their areas of expertise, and debate the future of icons on screen, in print and in the environment.

More information and tickets: symbol-24