Summer School

Summer SchoolSummer school "Travelling the City" in Vienna, Austria, 2002
IIID has organized Summer Academies in Austria, Italy, Japan, the USA, and on the Cape Verde Islands to involve students in real life projects, to encourage them to effectively work in teams and to enable them to experience multicultural challenges.
Documentations of the two Austrian Events are available for download in the Library.

In recent years, the Simplification Centre has started a successful Summer School programme:

Information Design Summer School

4-8 September 2017

“The summer school was a full-immersion experience that introduced me to new concepts and ideas, inspirational tutors and amazing fellow students that I’ll keep in touch with for years to come.”

This student comment from the 2016 programme sums up the summer school experience. It is a week-long focus on information design, with lectures, group work, critiquing and discussion. It’s held in Bath, UK, the beautiful spa town famous for its regency architecture and Roman thermal baths. We use the studio facilities at the Sion Hill campus of Bath School of Art & Design. The next summer school will be 4-8 September 2017.

The summer school