Governing Bodies

Brisbane multilingual pedestrian signageBrisbane multilingual pedestrian signage; Dotdash, Brisbane, Australia

IIID Executive Board

President: Clive Richards
Professor emeritus at Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK
President elect: Rob Waller
Simplification Center, UK
Vice Presidents: Finance & Administration: Veronika Egger, is-design, Austria
Communications: Claudine Jaenichen, Chapman University, Orange, CA, USA
Education & Research: Karel van der Waarde, Belgium
Events: Martin Fößleitner, High Performance, Austria
Documentation / Archive: Ole Lund, Norway
Director (retired): Peter Simlinger
Simlinger Informations-Design GmbH, Wien/Vienna (A)
Past Presidents: Michael Hardt (from inaugural meeting - 1995)
Erik Spiekermann (1995 - 2003)
Robert O. Swinehart (2003 - 2009)

IIID General Assembly

The next General Assembly will take place after the Vision Plus 2015 conference in Birmingham.
For members who are unable to attend in person we will provide opportunities for online participation in the election process.

The General Assembly (GA) takes place once every two years. It consists of all IIID members or representatives of member organisations. Members have the right to vote at the General Assembly and all members are eligible for office as Board members of IIID.

See also IIID Statutes (German version: IIID Statuten).