Summer Academy 2007


Peter Simlinger

After graduation in architecture at the University of Technology, Wien/Vienna Peter moved to London for post-graduate studies at The Bartlett, University College.
The design studio he founded after his return to Vienna in 1967 became Simlinger Informations-Design GmbH. It developed a focus on orientation systems (for hospitals, rail and air traffic), corporate design (e.g. for the largest Austrian bank) and, most recently, on what may be called multimodal communication systems.
Having been President of "GDA Graphik-Design Austria" (now "DA Design Austria") and Chairman of the Austrian Standards Institute's Committee 133 "Graphic Public Information" Peter Simlinger became instrumental in founding IIID in 1988.

Ron Hofer

After graduation in industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany, Ron co-founded the industrial & cooperative design studio "Quick & Partner" in Milan, Italy. In 2002 Ron founded "lucid-nutshells", a consultancy in the fields of coporate design and information design, Milan and Munich. His participation in the IIID Summer Academy "Travelling the City", 2002, made him move to Vienna where he cooperated with Simliger Informations-Design GmbH on dynamic wayshowing systems for public buildings and – for IIID – the successful submission of the EU project SOMS Substituting/Optimizing (variable) Message Signs for the Trans-European Road Networtk. Since 2004 employee of Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH & Co. OHG / C-LAB, Paderborn, Germany.

Kay Hartmann

Kay is professor of graphic design at Columbia College Chicago. She has a master's degree in communication science from Northwestern University, and her areas of inquiry include information design and symbology.

Stefan Egger

Stefan is an information designer with several years of experience in the development of wayshowing and corporate identity systems in Germany and Austria. He has been assisting IIID since November 2005 in design work and in the coordination of the SOMS project "Substituting/Optimizing (variable) Message Signs for the Trans-European Road Network" which got merged with IN-SAFETY "Infrastructure and Safety".

Visiting experts and such who will be available
via Skype or Jajah for consultations whenever needed

We may count on the occasional presence of João Gomes Duarte, Presidente of the Câmara Municipal de São Miguel; his deputy and his assistant; Alirio Vicente Silva, Ambassador, Republic of Cape Verde, who is proud having been born in Calheta; and Sibylle Schellmann of Pensão Mira Maio and Viagens dos Sonhos (incoming agency based at Calheta cooperating with tour operators and travel agencies) who is prepared to contribute her rich experiences in sustainable tourism gained in Cabo Verde over many years.

Remotely we shall be assisted, whenever needed, by experts covering areas like tourism in general, hiking, water desalination, renewable energy, waste disposal, etc.:

Helmut Ganster, infrastructure expert with special experience in waste disposal, water and
energy management, nominated by the Associação de Amizade Calheta - Deutsch-Wagram, A
Alfred Mandl, expert in sustainable tourism, destilling of grogue, manufacturing of cheese,
living at Santo Antão
Walter Heimerl, hiking expert, A
Franz Heffeter, Salzburger Tourismusschulen and Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, A
Arne Arnberger, University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences, Institute of Landscape Development, Planning of Recreation and Nature Conservation, Wien/Vienna, A
Sabine M. Hille, University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences, Department of
Integrated Biology, Wien/Vienna, A
Leo Schiefermüller, Energiewerkstatt, Salzburg, A
Rudolf Ochsner, UNIHA Wassertechnologie GmbH, Linz, A
Guido Codemo, AQUA Engineering GmbH, Mondsee, A
Kelley K. Gottschang, Internet Professional Department, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Robert Egger, WebWerker, Wien/Vienna, A