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     Research into signage and wayfinding at stations
     Healthcare Communications: A Select Bibliography of Resources
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     "Substituting/Optimizing (variable) Message Signs for the Trans European Road Network"

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Road Traffic Typeface "Tern" Test report
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     EU Project SAFEWAY2SCHOOL "Integrated system for safe transportation of children to school":
          Study on school bus & School bus stop signs/markings
     idX - What information designers know and can do
     b.unt - Barrierefreie Information im Verkehrssystem (in German)
     IIID Safety Symbol System/Pictogram System, low resolution issue

Information Design Books

PDF versions of the books that were donated by the authors to visitors of the IIID website can be found on www.iiid.eu/public-library/iiid-library

Book series about aspects of information design
Author: Rune Pettersson, Ph.D., Retired Professor of Information Design, Maelardalen University, Eskilstuna, Sweden

Information Design 1 - Message Design
Infology - Infography (2013)
Information Design 2 - Text Design
Printed - Spoken (2013)
Information Design 3 - Image Design
Drawings - Photographs (2013)

Information Design 4 - Graphic Design
Typography - Layout (2013)

Information Design 5 - Cognition
Theory - Practice (2013)

Information Design 6 - Predecessors & Pioneers
Predecessors - Pioneers (2013)
Basic Information Design Concepts – Concepts and Terms
It Depends: Information Design – Principles and Guidelines
(fourth edition 2012)
PowerNotes: slide presentations reconsidered
Author: Professor Dr. Tech. Per Mollerup
The Looks of Understanding - Visual Appeal of Information Graphics (PDF 8,2MB)
Author: Ksenia Pogorelova

About the author
   Ksenia Pogorelova graduated in information design from FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. She has a special passion for clear, content-driven solutions that combine understandability with an aesthetic appeal. Born in Moscow, Russia, she started her career as a journalist, studying journalism at Moscow State University and writing for one of the main daily newspapers in Russia.
   During her study she applied for an exchange semester at FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria and was so fascinated by the neighbouring field of design that she decided to apply for studying a bachelor’s in Information Design as well. Starting as a graphic designer, she developed a passion for information and icon design.
   Her bachelor thesis “Looks of understanding. Visual appeal of information graphics”, mentored by Konrad Baumann, was presented in February 2013 and awarded with an excellent grade.
   Ksenia Pogorelova is currently employed as an information designer at Zukunftsinstitut Österreich (www.zukunftsinstitut.at), an Austrian think tank dedicated to trend research. Her interest in both journalistic analysis and clear design solutions allow her to transform complex data into understandable as well as aesthetic graphics.

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